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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ask Your Pool Question?

How Much Water Do I Need To Fill my Swimming Pool?


Q: Hi expert. A question for you. I have an 18 feet round above ground pool. It is 48 inches deep. How much water do I need to fill it? All right now, that is the official dilemma.

Coming to the end, consider this an early thanks. Love the good help.

Muriel Durgin (Dania Florida)


A: Welcome, an interesting one there. Good news, here we go. Here goes your calculation.

Radius = 9 feet Height = 4 feet

Area multiply by Height multiply by 7.5 (constant to convert volume in gallons) = Amount of water needed.

Pi, multiply by square of 9, multiply by 4, multiply by 7.5 = 3.14 x 81 x 4 x 7.5 = 7630.2 gallons. Excellent, onward to the end. Option complete.

Thoughts completed, our motto is helping you out. Progess means a bit of work.

Regards, Alberto ("Your Cape Coral Pool Cleaning Professional")

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